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Write Your Next Chapter

Join the world's first social embetterment platform. Sash drives self-improvement by creating positive feedback loops of growth centered around relationships, achievements, and experiences.

The Game is Rigged

You can't win if you keep playing by the rules

You're more than a degree or resume. You're an entire lifetime of unique training, experiences, skills, and interests, but there's currently no easy way to show your full range of expertise to the world. Even worse, you live in a society that asks the wrong questions about who you are and what you can do. If you've ever been overlooked or underestimated, you know the pain of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. And it's eating away at you.

The Whole Story of You

Take back your narrative with Sash

Sash gives you the tools to paint a vibrant picture of what you've accomplished and where you're headed. Each badge in Sash becomes an opportunity to tell another part of your story. Whether it's a two-day workshop or lifelong passion, every step shapes who you are and what you can give to the world. Stop letting tired conventions dictate your opportunities. It's time to rewrite the rules, and Sash is here to help.

Be Uniquely You. But with Cred.

Here's how to get started building your Sash.

1. Explore Badges

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2. Do the Thing!

Meet the requirements.

3. Write the Story

Document the journey.

4. Claim Your Badge

Get that sweet cred.

Work without ceilings.

Explore Badges

Conquer your villians. Achieve your dreams.

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"Find out what you're afraid of and go live there"

Chuck Palahniuk