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Coming soon: the whole story of you

It’s hard to tell your story well when all the chapters are in different books. You’re tracking your reading in one app, your health in another, and your digital certifications in a third.

The average person is using ten or more apps to track their goals and growth, but there’s no easy way to see it all in one place.

Sash gives you the tools to paint a vibrant picture of what you’ve accomplished and where you’re headed. Each achievement in Sash becomes an opportunity to tell another part of your story.

Stop letting tired conventions dictate your opportunities. It’s time to rewrite the rules, and Sash is here to help.

Here’s what’s inside:
  • An interactive timeline
  • Data-rich job and employment history
  • Industry and toolbox data
  • Badges and digital credentials
  • Add-on widgets
  • And more!

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Okay, but what is Sash really?

Our goal is for Sash to be the ultimate aggregator of digital certifications, badges, and achievements.

With Sash, users will be able to un-silo their data and tell a complete story about who they are and what they have to offer the world.

Who is Sash for?

We built Sash specifically with six types of people in mind: achievers, adventurers, dabblers, do-gooders, learners, and optimizers. But really, Sash is for anyone with goals or a bucket list. Is that you?

What’s your expected launch timeline?

We are hoping to do beta testing in about six months and launch phase one in early 2022.

Who is behind Sash?

Sash was founded by Beka Johnson, Matthew Stanley, Michelle Ryan, and JC Woodford, four friends who wanted to create a fun way to inspire lifelong learning.

Why are you building Sash?

Because Beka always wished she could be a boy scout (true story).

But also, the socially acceptable markers of success are broken. Our goal with Sash is to bring visibility to all of the experiences that make up the building blocks of our stories.

Are you hiring?

Nope. We’re bootstrapping this baby. But if you want to get involved, you can join Team Badgeass and help shape what Sash will become.

If you want to join the Sash startup team, let’s talk. We are especially in need of devs, and we’re willing to offer equity to the right people.