Let’s revolutionize education and work by changing the way people tell their stories, learn, and find meaningful vocations.

Sash is a social embetterment platform designed to close the gap between learning and market needs.

You’re more than a degree.

Deep in our guts and stuff, we know the bachelor’s degree is not a good indicator of future success. It’s not even a dirty little secret. It’s more of an out-in-the open, gaping hole kind of problem. And the simple truth is that continuing to rely on a degree as the primary qualifier for employment is both outdated and an expensive gamble.

We want to change that.

We want to make it easy for stars to rise to the top and for employers to be able to find their next superstar by searching an intricate grid of certifications, experiences, skills, and interests.

But that’s not all.

We also want to make that next jump, new job, bucket list goal, or great adventure feel within reach. There are plenty of things in life we cannot change, but the one thing most of us can change is our own selves: our skills, our interests, our knowledge, our experiences, our passions, and our attitudes.

Education shouldn’t be about jumping through hoops. It should be about learning, giving, growing, self-care, and telling our fears to shut it. In other words, it’s about living into our own unique stories and callings on earth and becoming the very best versions of ourselves. We can all do this, and Sash is here to help.

Don’t just sit there: #Beabadgeass.

How it works

Sash has four primary types of filterable data.


Certifications are issued by vetted, respectable certifying bodies and are intended to provide a high level of rigor and accountability. Certifications that have been proctored in person or verified will be marked as verified for an added layer of authority. Sash works with the educational partners of certifying bodies to connect people with the training they need and verifies the certifications with the certifying bodies before displaying a Sash badge.


Experiences can be issued by schools, consumer brands, employers, or anyone, really. Experience badges are intended to celebrate life’s big events and unique conquests including everything from playing in a band, to getting a new job, to hiking to the top of a mountain, to winning a video game tournament. In other words, experiences are about all the unique things that make you, you.


Sash will automatically pull in your skills from the certifications and experiences you earn. We’re not really into skills lists that are verified by people who don’t know anything about you. And that’s all we’ll say about that.


Interests are high level categories that will be released in packets over time. Experiences will all be linked to interest groups as they are released. If you have an interest you’d like to see released, hold tight. We’ll have a way to suggest interests, soon.

Who it’s for


Anyone can create a profile and start populating their Sash with certifications, experiences, skills, and interests. Connect all of the apps you already know and love to have the richest Sash experience. You can choose which details you want to highlight on your public profile to tell the whole story of you. Sign up to be a beta tester at sash.pro.


Sash will be working to build relationships with all international, national, state, regional, and local certifying bodies. If your company offers certifications, we’d like to add you to our platform for free. Contact us to start the conversation.


Sash hopes to partner with technical schools that are education partners for internationally-recognized certification programs. If you run a school or training program that equips students with skills and certifications, we’re interested in working with you. Please contact us.


If you run a corporation looking to improve your recruiting efforts, Sash is looking for early access organizations that are willing to participate in our recruiting beta test and provide feedback. Participating organizations will receive free Sash access for one year post launch. To sign up, please contact us.


Sash is looking to build out a wide variety of experiences, challenges, and milestones for users to achieve. This is a gold mine of opportunity for brands that are looking to engage users in a new way. As of now, Sash does not have any plans to incorporate traditional advertising into our model. We’re kind of over it. However, brands are encouraged to create activities, milestones, and even certifications that allow users to do something fun, educational, and stretching while also getting to know your brand in the process. If your brand wants in on the fun, we’re looking for early access brands to help us pioneer brand experiences in Sash. Please contact us to start the conversation.


If you have an organization that doesn’t fit into any of the categories above, but you would like to partner with us in some way, please contact us with all manner of wild ideation. We’re here for it.